How to paint your props

Once you've invested in some of our props, you may want to paint them so they can be used multiple times on different shoots.

Luckily our props can be painted and sanded almost endlessly! Check out our video showing 3 ways to paint your props to match them to every client's needs!

(Equipment list below)

Equipment used & where to buy:

1. HVLP system

🛒 HVLP Shop or Spray Direct

Spray gun
HVLP Shop or Spray Direct

🛒 HVLP Shop or Spray Direct

🛒 Brewers, B&Q or any decorators

Spray can

Spray can
🛒 Graff City

🛒 Screwfix

3. Roller

Roller and tray set
Screwfix or any hardware or decorators

Brewers (we used Dulux Trade Satinwood)

All personal protection equipment (PPE) should be available from Screwfix or online. Please ensure you use the correct filters for the type of paint you are using as it can vary.

Do get in touch if you'd like a quote for bespoke spraying!